In the summer of 2004 a short time before „Buddha“ premiered I had the idea for this movie. Eventually I didn’t have any kind of story in mind. The only thing I could think of was: ZOMBIE-WESTERN, something I haven’t seen before and to my knowledge hasn’t been done before. At least not in a mainstream movie. The mix of the Western- with the Zombiegenre alone justifies a movie. So there was no need for us to come up with a deep story. It would have been to expensive anyway to do a „big“ western movie. I chose to set the film in winter because first of all I’m a big fan of Corbucci’s „The Great Silence“ but also because we have no landscapes in Germany that look like the West of the US. So the film’s setting is Utah in the winter. The film was shot in february of 2005 and took about 5 days to finish.

„Wasted West“ is not a low budget movie in fact it’s a NO budget movie. The props and wardrobe was lend from relatives or bought from ebay. Because of other projects it took over a year to finish the 8 minute long short. In this time the film was edited, the foley was done, music recorded and visual effects were created. The first public screening was on March 17th 2006 at „Mittelfänkisches Jugendfilmfest“ in Nuremberg. Finally you can say that „Wasted West“ is a short, fun movie that doesn’t take itself too serious and wants to entertain.